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Our first full day April 1st 2008

          For the last three weeks we have been pushing very hard to open the store and I have had no time to write in the blog I do have lots of notes and will go back through them to write about how many challenges we have had to opening Berry Bliss yogurt. Today was the […]

Frozen yogurt opening date

Opening a frozen yogurt business is tough work, especially when it is your part time job. We are getting really close to opening.   The target date is April first for the first store in Marin.   The location is Larkspur Landing, but we still have three inspections by the Board of Health, fire Department and Building Dept.  This […]

Top five reasons I am starting a frozen yogurt business.

 1.  Seamed like a good idea at the time.  When I first saw PinkBerry in LA September 2006 I was surprised at how popular it was and how good the yogurt taste,  plus it had  the whole organic, low calorie, healthy vibe to it.  This was also before the press started talking about them, and […]

Frozen yogurt blog

This is my attempt to write about the frozen yogurt business, after a friend kept bugging me in September 2006, to check out Pinkberry   I went to LA and was amazed to see the crack berry craze for this simple frozen yogurt. They had a line out the door, and the yogurt taste amazing.  The first bite is […]

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